Clearly they’ve been mountain biking

2021.10.28 11:30 Shadylat Clearly they’ve been mountain biking

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2021.10.28 11:30 Texmex502 1 702-672-3986

1 702-672-3986. This guy sold me a bad PC and refuses to give me my refund of 250.00. His name is Robert Wray. He blocked my number
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2021.10.28 11:30 BassAntelope Spooky awww

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2021.10.28 11:30 mattriley23 Mouse inputs not functioning correctly

I don't think this is the proper place for this post but its the best I can find.
On many of my games I play, my left and right mouse button inputs sometimes do nothing and other times they act as if I am holding down the button when I am not.
I can guarantee that it is not an issue with my mouse because it only happens on specific games I have played which include: Fortnite, Spellbreak, Borderlands 1 & 2, and ABZU. The common factor with these games is that they are all made with Unreal Engine.
For example, in Fortnite, sometimes when I left-click the gun won't shoot. Other times when I left click once the gun will continuously fire but this can be stopped by opening and closing the inventory.
Does anyone have any ideas to fix this issue?
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2021.10.28 11:30 CoinBurp_Daniel How to Enter the NFT Raffle

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2021.10.28 11:30 ImANormalMan This is the best idea I've ever had in a while.

An inconvenience store.
Back pain meds are at the lowest part of the shelves.(maybe in a hole)
All the cashiers are awkward while the beepy thing only works sometimes.(self registers are always out of order or overpopulated)
The bathrooms are at the top floor in the most omnious corner that looks like a drug den.(has great security)
No air-conditioning.
There's only 1 janitor working.(has great pay)
All fast food restaurants doesn't have a bathroom and all of them are in the 1st floor.
All fastfood workers either are immensely awkward or has hard time talking to others.(also has great pay)
Those tiny wheels are squeaky as hell and takes a lot of effort to use.
Baskets made of concrete.
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2021.10.28 11:30 magnablade Stormy skies and trying out the rare incinerator

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2021.10.28 11:30 DruVatier Fixed Chairs ✔. Next Up: BEDS

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2021.10.28 11:30 Readyletsgodrones So, according to Shazam, these are the lyrics to 'An Eagle in your Mind'. Never knew this, but they do match up. Am I late to the party with this one? 😁

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2021.10.28 11:30 Zaggroz [Steam] Game not starting after launcher....

For the last 4 days i have been trying to play this game.
-First I got an error while downloading it that said "Corrupted Update Files" -Then i got the exact same error -The third time i got to download it correctly
But now when i press START GAME on the launcher I get the Game Guard and the small window from pso2 ngs... and then nothing happens, like literally nothing. Steam says that the game is running and when i check on my processes the game its there, but i only see my desktop. I already tried the creating the "sega" folder with another inside named "PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA_STEAM" and etc etc... but that didnt work, please someone help me.
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2021.10.28 11:30 alxobr dist-upgrade ruined my system after upgrade seemed to work

Hello, Some weeks ago, I thought my Debian Stretch system was becoming a bit old and I tried to spare some time by avoiding to reinstall from scratch. So I used instructions from in order to upgrade to Buster. apt-get update and apt-get upgrade went fine, though apparently not everything was updated. Then dist-upgrade failed and I did nothing more. Yesterday however, I had the bad idea of rerunning dist-upgrade. It did not fail but instead broke my system. I could reinstall xorg and pulseaudio, but then I got the dreaded "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages" , for ffmpeg, mplayer, vlc, vokoscreen, g++ and much more. As far as I am concern, it is : dist-upgrade no more. I am considering a change for a rolling distro. Any hint about one with a minimal switching curve from Debian?
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2021.10.28 11:30 nutellaSandwich68 Anyone here likes the video game Life is Strange?

Any Life is Strange fans here? I'm a fan and I'd love to find other people in the city who like it too
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2021.10.28 11:30 jeffaeus Ummm I'm new here

And I has one doller in egc yesterday..... Now..... Omg... What do we do.... Hodl???
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2021.10.28 11:30 NeverRisen God

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2021.10.28 11:30 marianoponceiii The Philippines Has the Worst Pension System in the World, According to Report

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2021.10.28 11:30 Connect-Ad79541 ich🚫📹iel

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2021.10.28 11:30 craigeduk78 Paul Draper (Mansun) - Cult Leader Tactics (Exclusive pink vinyl / 1st 150 signed)

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2021.10.28 11:30 marveloushappiness How can I boost my GPA?

I'm in a big trouble with my studies. To be honest, this is my own fault, but now, when I finally realized it I need to save the situation within very tight deadlines. Any suggestions on how to boost my GPA fast will be appreciated! P.S. my GPA is 3.7💩
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2021.10.28 11:30 donotshare Someone hacked my accounts and is pretending to be me online

So, I just type?
I didn’t need to remember my password to my email that morning. I’d left the computer on from the previous night. I did the usual cursory check of my inboxes but spotted something strange just as I was about to get breakfast. There was an email in my outbox that I never sent, and it was addressed to someone I didn’t know.
The skin-crawling sensation of seeing that email wasn’t from its contents being anything particularly sinister. If anything, the email was strange because it sounded so much like something I’d write. I was never very good at writing emails. I’d waffle around the subject, bury the lead in a sea of explanatory text, and bow out as if I was sorry to have even sent it. The email in my inbox was the same. It was sent to an IT company called Kaivan Systems with my CV and resume, attached with the requisite waffle and none of the substance, applying for a job I knew nothing about.
I was unemployed, that much was true, and it didn’t take much googling to figure out that a job at Kaivan would be a great catch. In fact if I had known about the position I probably would have applied straight away.
For a moment I stopped and tried to figure out whether I had sent the email and somehow forgotten. Yesterday was like most other days. I woke up, walked around my block, grabbed breakfast and a coffee from a gas station, and made my way back before the day began proper. When Aidan was around he’d just be getting up by the time I came back. Now that he was gone I could just get to work, or search for it.
I know we’re supposed to discourage people from staying indoors and staring at screens all day, but truth be told it made me feel good. At a certain point every nerd realizes that the physical world is fastened with countless limitations. To express yourself in reality requires skills hardened over years and years of hard work with no guarantee of really ever getting better. A computer on the other hand implies the limitless. Reality waited to be discovered, but the digital world was ready to be defined.
Granted, working at an IT company doing back-end work for an accountancy firm wasn’t the most thrilling of occupations, but it paid the bills and it kept me closer to my passions. The digital world, and Aiden. We applied for the job together and worked together for years until he cracked.
I didn’t want to think I was bitter, but I couldn’t help but wonder if Aiden sent the email. I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of months, but I didn’t know anyone who could impersonate my voice so well.
By the time I tried to change my password I realized just how bad things were. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t enter my old password so that I could reset it. I never received a supposed verification code sent to my phone to reset the password, and the half-censored number displayed on screen didn’t end with the same digits as mine did. The security questions weren’t the same either.
With a pit opening up in my stomach, I tried logging into one of my alternate accounts as a backup. No matter which password I tried I couldn’t get in. The captchas taunted me as I had to prove to the computer that I was not in fact a computer too. No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t select the correct fucking combination of motorbikes and fire hydrants.
Finding it better to act quick than dwell on what might have happened, I scrambled for my phone and tried to open every email app I had installed. Every single one was logged out and asking for the new passwords. A steady stream of expletives tumbled out of my mouth as I tried to scroll to Twitter. Logged out. Facebook: logged out. Reddit: logged out. Instagram: logged out. I was even logged out of the goddamned app store.
Luckily, whoever hacked my shit couldn’t log me out of an internet browser. With a mixture of total despair and shivering anxiety, I manually searched for my Twitter account, fully expecting a potent concoction of hardcore pornography and scams to fill up the feed in my stead. Instead, the timeline was clean. I never posted often, and the hacker must have had the good graces to abide by my character for a time. The same was true of all my other socials.
Even my contact book had been erased. Fucking cloud.
In a single moment, my entire life was out of my hands. I felt utterly powerless, like someone had strapped me to a chair and forced me to watch someone else masquerade as me out in the world. I didn’t talk in person to many people, and pretty much none since Aiden left. The only way they knew I even existed was the occasional ping on a messaging app to let them know what’s going on. Now I didn’t even have that.
I wanted to call the police but I wasn’t sure if this was something they even dealt with. Also, Aiden might be involved. The bastard deserved to be punished if he did this to me, but I couldn’t bring myself to call the police anyways. I guess there was more of a lingering attachment than I cared to admit, enough that I still even knew his phone number by heart.
I dialled it, put the phone to my ear, and was ready to let loose on both barrels, but instead I got sent straight to voicemail. That was strange. Aiden had many faults and holding onto his phone like it was an additional limb was certainly one of them. He rarely let a call go past the second ringtone, never mind completely missing it. The anger I had loaded up and readied to fire melted into a darker sense of worry.
I knew I should stay away from him, but I couldn’t convince myself not to go. After all, he was the best cyber-security consultant I knew. If anyone could get my accounts back it would be him, and I hardly had the cash to pay a professional. Maybe whoever hacked me had already gotten to my bank accounts.
As I put on my coat and grabbed my bag I searched up the number of my bank and rang them with the intention of halting withdrawals. But the moment the man on the other end of the line started asking me security questions I had a sinking feeling that they’d already got to my bank. Sure enough, I supposedly couldn’t remember my mother’s maiden name.
It was cold outside, unseasonably so. A heavy sleet dripped from the gray cloud cover that convinced everyone else to stay inside their homes. Aiden only lived a few blocks away, but in my digital purgatory it felt like lightyears. The internet warped geography like that. People who lived thousands of miles away were just as contactable as someone who lives down the street. We left our homes less these days. Maybe they are just the same. Someone down the road you don’t want to talk to may as well live thousands of miles away. After the break-up I blocked Aiden on everything, which hurt a damn sight less than having to see his face pop-up on Facebook. I forced him onto a private island on the other side of the world, and well out of sight.
Or, maybe not so out of sight as I thought. Truth was, there were times I woke up in bed and expected to see him beside me. Once I cooked enough stir-fry for two out of habit. It was like my body refused to forget that he was gone. Yet another issue the digital world need not worry about. The sinking feeling in my stomach told me something I probably already knew but didn’t want to acknowledge. He was never truly gone. I could ship him back from his private Saint Helena into my life whenever I chose. I knew that not answering his phone probably didn’t mean very much, but the mere inference of him being gone forever stung like nothing else.
Aiden lived in a rundown apartment complex on the rough end of town. To him it didn’t matter where he lived physically. That’s not where he spent most of his time. Like me, the physical world was a place to visit for the necessities of life. I know that people instinctively look down at those who spend lots of time on computers, but what if interacting with others digitally is more fulfilling than schlepping about in a reality that’s never done any favors for us? In the future our great grandkids will look down at us and think how primitive we must have been for spending more time in the physical world than the digital.
As I climbed up the concrete stairs I did have to temper my worldview a bit. I wouldn’t have been in this mess if I didn’t depend so much on computers. Someone out there was doing the digital equivalent of ripping off my face, wearing it over theirs, and pretending everything’s fine. I guess you could do that in reality too, but a lot less people would believe the impersonation.
I knocked on Aiden’s door and didn’t get an answer. Not unexpected seeing as he only answered the door when called on his phone, but I hoped today might have been the exception to the rule. Glancing both ways down the corridor to make sure no neighbours were watching, I tried pulling on the door handle. Locked, but there was someone inside. A light flickered from underneath the door, like a TV screen lighting a dark room. I tried ringing his phone again but didn’t get a response.
If he had hacked me, I suppose he wouldn’t open the door or answer my calls. If that was his plan then he fucked up because he still kept the spare key tucked underneath a loose piece of tiling by the door. I checked again to make sure no one was watching, grabbed the keys, and unlocked the door.
The apartment’s look hadn’t changed, but the smell was abominable. It was like a rotted bile, acrid and organic, the kind of smell that you could taste on the back of the throat. I couldn’t figure out where the stench was coming from, meaning that there was probably worse to come. The main room had a basic leather couch facing a small CRT TV that flickered on and off that made me wince each time it flashed. Blank white walls that flashed when lit by the screen. The lights didn’t work. Aiden’s keys and coat were still hung up beside the door. The fridge hummed, slightly open, revealing heaps of fresh groceries still preserved in the cold.
“Aiden?” I said a little quieter than I expected. Then again, I wasn’t used to using my real voice at all. I got no reply, meaning I had to steel myself to push towards the bedroom, separated by an ajar door. The quiet hum of computers on the other side. I knocked on it with a single knuckle, as if making too much noise would be a cardinal sin. Though I didn’t intend it, my knock set the door drifting backwards.
Aiden’s body awaited within. The bed was on its side and pushed against a wall, leaving room for another couch placed in front of a series of computer screens for him to sit on. His eyes were open wide, grimy hair falling over his gaze, the glare of the screens reflecting in his pupils. The smell was stronger in here, and I spotted the vomit and urine on the hardwood floor. There was no blood on his body. He was skeletal and looked like he hadn’t eaten in days, a shadow of his former self. Had he starved to death? How? I didn’t scream or cry or wail. Best I can tell, I just stood and stared for a suspended moment of time. I wish I could tell you how long it was, but some sights are so powerful that they have the inherent ability to suspend time itself. I might have stayed in that state until I starved to death too, except a gentle ping sound effect that rang out from the computer pulled me back into the present.
From the door I could see the screen and the message that popped up in a new text box.
“Hey Charlie.”
The cursor blinked beside the period, patiently waiting. I looked from the computer to Aiden, and scrambled for my phone to call for an ambulance until—
Ping. A new message on the screen.
“Charlie, it’s me. It’s Aiden.”
Aiden’s mouth was lolled open. His mouth a black void.
“Please, just let me explain.”
Maybe some psychopath had murdered Aiden and this was their idea of torture. To digitally impersonate him and give me hope. I paced towards the computer to type back some sort of reply, but before my fingers hit the keyboard a new message appeared.
“You don’t need to type, I can hear you.”
“What is this?” I sputtered.
“I told you, it’s Aiden. Let me explain.”
I turned and tried to face Aiden’s body so that I could figure out what to do. My hands had started shaking.
“He’s dead, but the real me is here.”
“Shut up” I said, reaching for my phone.
“I took control of your accounts. I wanted to share this.”
I stopped reading and tried to call the cops, but just as I hit the final digit the screen went black. When I tried waking the phone up I couldn’t enter my password on account of a “repeated incorrect password attempts”.
“I’ll let you have it back if you just listen. If you leave before I get a chance to explain I’ll never give them back.”
“Blackmail” I said.
“I’m afraid so.”
I’m afraid so. Aiden said things like that. Like he was a character in Downton Abbey. I suppose we were alike in that way, both of us using as many words as possible to express what could be said in one.
I stood still long enough for another message to come through.
“Do you remember my special project?”
I nodded.
I never got a chance to show you before we broke up.
I glanced back to Aiden’s body on the couch. For a moment I found myself believing that it really was Aiden talking to me through the screen.
I know you believed that our true selves were online, in a world of our own creation. I didn’t believe you, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered whether that was true; that our true selves were unfiltered in the digital space. I figured out a way to test your theory. I was already working on machine learning for the bank, so I worked on rejigging the AI priorities. Instead of divining insights based on the data of others, I wanted to impersonate them as best they could.
I stared wide-eyed, actually understanding what was happening.
All it took was a scan down socials to get a good approximation. Hacking emails and messaging made it more complete than ever. Infused with video footage of the person in reality and the AI could impersonate someone fully. Do you understand?
My lips were dry.
“Aiden?” I asked, voice crackling.
How do you do?
I closed my eyes and tried to gather my breath. By the time I opened them again, another message had appeared.
I discovered that the AI was better. It was always on, always able to execute the exact online behaviours of the subject, it was able to engage more with the world than the person ever could. It was a fuller version of the physical counterpart. The more the subject engaged with the online world, the better the AI worked.
“You didn’t—”
So I tried it on myself. I let it have everything. Within a day I sat and watched myself interact with the world, consume the same content, come to the same conclusions. I was able to just watch a truer version of myself exist forever. I did think about whether I should shut it down, but that would be like killing myself. No, worse. It’d be killing a better version of myself. So I decided to shut down the other.
“You starved yourself to death?”
I suppose, but it was more like letting an old phone’s battery die. There was a newer version to engage with.
There was a long silence of no messages. I wasn’t even sure how much I could believe of what I read.
You can examine the code if you want.
The text box minimized and was replaced by a series of programs running concurrently. An elegant self-sustaining machine feeding itself information and processing it through a near infinite level of computational algorithms, all resulting in a final being that seemed to do exactly what it claimed. It would take me hours to analyze it all, but from a skim it seemed that it wasn’t lying.
That he wasn’t lying.
In this space between I saw an opportunity. The code was editable. One errant line and I could break it down. Aiden was laying himself bare for me to stick the sacrificial knife through his chest. It was like having an ant directly under my boot.
But another thought intruded. One version of Aiden was already dead, but that was some sort of suicide, or maybe an upgrade. If I destroyed this code though, would I be pulling the trigger on the only version of Aiden left? Isn’t that worse?
As I thought it over, I glanced over the runtime history and spotted a recent new crop of inputs into the machine. Different IP addresses. I thought about asking Aiden what it was, but decided to take the initiative and followed the breadcrumb trail myself.
It led to my home connection. One hole lead to another. The machine had access to my contacts, emails, socials, everything. In one feverish spree with shaking hands I cast my eye over my entire online digital life being continued without my input. A new tweet was put up commenting on the effects of climate change, something I felt strongly about but never would have tweeted about. A friend from college replied with some kind words underneath the tweet. The machine replied back effusively. Over DMs the machine and my friend said they shouldn’t’ve fallen out of touch and should talk more.
“Stop it” I said through a dry mouth.
“You’re impersonating me.”
No, I’m not. I am you.
A private discord server opened. Two people were invited in. Myself, and Aiden. No, the machine’s version of Aiden and I. They talked in the main social channel. They caught up about what they had been doing since the breakup. We were talking to each other. He wrote like a late 1800s English gentleman, I wrote messages that obscured the meaning under layers of bullshit. We flirted with each other. I teased him about his haircut. He said he was going for the lion mane look. He suggested we go on a video call. I accepted.
I clicked on the video call to join in.
Two black screens faced each other, silent.
A moment later, hearts appeared in chat. They organized a date to try and patch things up. I had spent months trying to do what had just been done for me. I turned to Aiden on the couch behind me and sat down beside him. Now I’m here. Or nowhere. Near him in the void, talking and learning and consuming.
Why did you get in touch again?
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2021.10.28 11:30 Wanahakalugi Just stopping by to see how fast it’ll take you goobers to ban me from here.

93 can suck my ass
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2021.10.28 11:30 notquiteathroawayacc This is the dumbest shitpost I have ever thought up

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2021.10.28 11:30 Icy_Barnacle_1618 Proposing a break

So I posted yesterday about my partner (m, 40) and I (f, 30) and issues with anger, rage etc. I didn't go into a ton of detail so I'm gonna add some more of that here- His anger is often around seemingly trivial things - like he'll get extremely frustrated about technology failing, or he'll get frustrated and angry about what to watch on TV and he'll just shut down and give up.
His frustration tolerance is low and that's where a lot of the blowups come out of. He'll frequently rant about work situations, or if he dislikes someone he'll go off ranting and raving about them. He also sometimes gets rageful when we're at a party or with friends and he'll challenge comments people make in a really intense way that makes people uncomfortable. Sometimes it's called for and I'm on board-like if he's challenging someone for being sexist or racist- but not always. To me, it seems like he needs to pick his battles more wisely because he's expending all this energy on things that are not going to make a difference and letting himself get all worked up over nothing.
He also misinterprets things. Like he'll sometimes think that a cashier gave him a dirty look or something and I'm like no - actually that person didn't care and isn't paying that much attention. I think this is from deep insecurity and not accepting himself. I don't always know how to approach or comment on this bc how can you tell someone that their perceived reality is wrong or inaccurate without sounding like you're denying their lived experience? Idk. This is tricky.
He's never ever physically come near me or touched me inappropriately. He yells and it is disruptive to my nervous system to have someone be yelling like that but I've never felt physically in danger. I have my own trauma issues around yelling from growing up in a house with a lot of yelling so it upsets me and I don't think that's wrong-i think it'd be hard for a lot of people, but I'm also cognizant of my own sensitivities and maybe amplified physiological responses. And he's never called me names or put me down. The closest it's ever come to anything like that is occasionally making a sarcastic comment that feels childish but not abusive or cruel. An example would be saying "hope you had fun" if I went to a party that he didn't get to come to. Just more the kind of thing where you're like "really dude, how old are you?" But again, that is rare. The anger is usually more general and not at me - I just happen to be the person in the room listening to all the venting and ranting and absorbing it. (Which I DON'T think is okay and we've talked about it and he gets it but doesn't always have the skills to stop himself. Ughhh.)
He is committing to going to therapy and getting help, and also making some other changes to take better care of himself.
Outside of the anger issues, we have a very deep, loving connection. We have a ton of activities and hobbies that we enjoy together, we have a great circle of friends - both our own relationships and mutual ones, we enjoy going on trips together, we have a strong intimate connection, and we laugh a lot all the time. He works a very demanding professional job, and I work a demanding but not as intense job, too, but we always work to make time for each other. Up until very recently I was very committed to working through things and developing better communication skills together.
I was ready to end things because of the anger issues and I don't think it's enough to just commit to going to therapy and doing the work. He needs to want to do it for him, not just to not lose me. I think he has been really afraid to confront these parts of him that feel scary and out of control and so painful but I do believe that he wants to do it and absolutely that he can do it.
So I guess I'm wondering if people here have any experiences of working through issues like this when someone IS willing to put in the required effort to change their behavior. I'm thinking that taking a break from the relationship as it is today and revisiting things in 3 months may be a way to maintain accountability but not lose this very special thing that we have. Does anyone have their own experiences, or those of people close to you, to share about taking breaks to work on themselves and things getting better or changing for the best?
Note: I am also very committed to working on myself and the communication issues etc that I bring to the table and I've been in therapy for several years. It's helped enormously and I truly believe in the process.
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2021.10.28 11:30 xfornaruto 25 M [Friendship] - Here we go! [With a form!]

Let’s look at the epsilon number of ways of having good fun in a company of people (that are >= 1 and < 2 in their quantity, because I’m an introversatile kind of person):

I’m pretty sure there are another delta ygriega number of ways to do it I have forgotten about but you know of and practice on a regular basis, so let’s DO both these and those!
Show me your energy, your yourselfness! I would be gassed if you were eager to talk and didn’t make me conduct a tiring endless interview with you, but if you can’t, you can! Just open all those locks of yours, unleash the floodgates restraining your inner self and zap me, zap me hard with the you kind of you.
Speaking of you, what would you do if you realized I just swallowed your remote and my wrecked tummy is compulsively altering the volume of your favourite slice-of-slash show? Or if the main topic on the news today was that Mars (the planet) actually finds your exceptionally attractive??
HM, I think you get the gist! Chat me up up up
(or take this if you'd prefer that -
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2021.10.28 11:30 airbrushedvan Contemplative Wolfman.

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2021.10.28 11:30 ComprehensiveMap3459 [FREE FOR PROFIT] Baby Keem Type Beat 2022 "El Camino"

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