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When fighters are in 2 different weight classes

2021.10.28 12:07 CerebralGladiator When fighters are in 2 different weight classes

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2021.10.28 12:07 Artistic-Antelope107 Does wlink NET TV affects your internet speed?

I recently connected net TV. I didn't knew it was connected through lan cable. Does watching TV affects internet speed. I think I am already facing internet lagging issue in wlink internet trail phase.
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2021.10.28 12:06 FunnyAcanthaceae9190 Package Return Address issue

I am hoping somebody might be able to help me. I shipped a package earlier this week. I then went and tracked it yesterday and it said 'disposed of by USPS'
No idea why that would happen, it was a box of cards.. Anyway, filed an insurance claim on their website.
Then today it updates to 'Return to sender processed' - at which point I realize the return address is my old address.
Is there anyway I can firstly remove my insurance claim as it no longer is disposed of, and also somehow re route this to my current address or pick it up somewhere?
I tried calling USPS but end up getting told nobody can help me by their automated robot system and disconnected on..
Not sure what to do..
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2021.10.28 12:06 Scoopyloops Is this mode available?

If I purchase the Steam version of BF2, is there a way to play the Galactic Conquest mode online, versus a friend who also owns the Steam version?
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2021.10.28 12:06 Infamous_Self_4797 Why I just switched providers

I was with freedom for maybe two years, no issues beyond their shitty cell reception , I recently bought a phone off Facebook, was locked to freedom but I wasn’t concerned as I was with them at the time, and there was a law passed in 2017 forcing providers to unlock phones. Eventually I decide to switch to Koodo because I need data that actually works reliably, and I come to find that freedom is refusing to unlock my phone without proof of original purchase. I am the third owner of this phone (I found out after contacting the seller in hopes he had receipts) I talked to several supervisors on the phone and went in person, they all said they couldn’t help me and that the phone was going to be permanently locked. I’ve never felt so much anger lol, I was forced to sell my phone to Apple, because selling locked phones isn’t fully legal anymore and I didn’t wanna screw someone else over. So because freedom feels an entitlement to my device that had been paid of years ago and has been through 3 people since, I had to get an entirely new device. Absolutely ridiculous. I even tried to go to a third party phone store, checked almost every tech place in the pacific mall and they told me they can unlock any phone except freedom, said freedom has done something where they won’t share unlock codes to them. I hate this company, and I’m making it my life goal that nobody whom I know ever signs with them.
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2021.10.28 12:06 hanikarak_human Did you ever start fapping to the beat of a song while midway?

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2021.10.28 12:06 Spaccapicchio Pi approximation

Hi guys, I'm working on a code that approximates pi. The only problem is that I can't get more than two decimals from it. Any idea on how to get more than two decimals? https://pastebin.com/S1t0EJzE
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2021.10.28 12:06 North_Animator3919 4-6 shrimp racks on the same heater

so I'm planning on building a big shrimp rack and I was wondering if there was any way to heat all of the tanks with the same heater yeah mow I could use a sump filtration for it but I'm wondering if there was a way to make it a sump safely they would all be neocaridina just wondering if there was a way to do it with flow that won't suck up all the babies and if its even a smart idea since It might be mixing water
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2021.10.28 12:06 Squishyboooot Does anyone know the name of the UK version of cosmic brownies is?

I saw a picture of the American brand, little Debbie's cosmic brownies, and I swear we have a UK version that I've had before, but can't remember what they're called. Or is there even a brand? Is it just some happy shopper type brand of just generic cake?
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2021.10.28 12:06 ALittleInsanity Neighbor calls animal protection services on dogs barking, before notifying about the problem.

Here is a bit of backstory about this neighbor and different things she has done over the years.

  1. they planted trees between my house and hers and half of the trees planted were on my side of the yard, and she didn't ask before planting.
  2. She had a ton of rocks dumped in my yard to be moved over to hers, again without asking first.
  3. She put her Dobermans electric fence barrier on my side of the space so that it could just walk into my lawn at any time, she did this without asking.
  4. She had her nephews at her house for a period of time, and the nephews played basketball at midnight and were so loud it was hard to go to sleep.
With all that said I'll explain a bit about me and my dogs. I wake up at 6:30in the morning and let my 3 dogs out of the house (they're all cavalier king Charles spaniels) and often times they 're outside for a bit before I let them back in to feed them. Then they will go in and out of the house throughout the day until 9:30 P.M. when they are all in bed and going to sleep. They've been on this schedule for about a year now.
Now here is where the story starts when this morning I wake up to an email from one of my neighbors saying she was tired of their "incessant barking" and the "marathon of it in the middle of the night". Now I was surprised by this since they hadn't ever mentioned it in the year I've been doing it (also I have lived here for about 12 years but only a year ago got on the schedule I'm currently on). So I responded with a simple apology and saying that I would let them outside a bit later in the day. I was a bit upset but I was glad she told me. Then later in the day I heard a ring at the doorbell and went to open it and saw an animal protection services officer. I almost broke down crying out of fear but was able to pull it together and talk to him. Turns out he was really nice and I was able to have a reasonable conversation with him in which I learned that she had called APS before notifying me of what she was upset about. Now I have to get bark collars on my dogs though which is fairly upsetting and I just wanted to come on here to vent about this situation.
Tldr: neighbor that has done a lot of annoying things calls APS before telling me that my dogs were barking too much and now I have to put a bark collar on them.
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2021.10.28 12:06 EuphoricTea3295 Screen on time of Realme GT Master Edition

Hello all. Need your help in purchase decision of GT Master Edition. I have a 2 year old flagship Oneplus 7 pro and the battery back has reduced from 8.5 hrs to 6 hrs. I was contemplating switching to The GT Master as I am getting it almost free by selling my 7 pro which has good resale price. But most reviews say that the GT master has pathetic battery with SOT from 4 to 5 hrs only which is even below my Oneplus 7 pro. What has been your battery experience so far? Can you please post your battery SOT numbers?
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2021.10.28 12:06 kausthubnarayan Fabregas was doing an AMA on Twitter and he had this to say…

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2021.10.28 12:06 Opening_Plenty_5403 Help with dog food

Can anyone recommend me a dog food that has horse or venison as the meat ingredients and potato/peas? My dog is allergic to soy, corn and rice from plants and the only two meats that don't trigger his allergies are as stated venison and horse.
Thanks everyone!
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2021.10.28 12:06 Fluffy_Pomelo_3689 HyperBoostBSC

Join our main Telegram group and start shilling your bag! LFG! 🚀 🚀 🔥HYPERBOOST🔥🚀 🚀
📣TG: https://t.me/HyperBoostOfficial🔥🔥🔥
Website :
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2021.10.28 12:06 WanderOutThere Can I Get a Quick Reddit Barometer?

What's up, DOT? Not a big deal, but if you guys can give me some feedback on a situation and see if I'm being weird, I'd appreciate it.
I've been going out with an awesome lady for about a month or so, and on a recent date (through misadventures that I won't recount here) we ran into her sister. She was great, and it was a pleasure to meet her. But when my date introduced me by name, her sister responded with exuberant recognition and said "Oh, [my name]!" Like she had context for me and knew who I was. Is that... unusual? I tend to assume people don't often think about or discuss me when I'm not present, and that's obviously a bias on my part. But do you guys usually tell your siblings about someone you've only gone out with a few times? I'd have to be pretty serious with someone before telling my family about them, but maybe that's what's unusual? Again, not a big deal; just part of my continuing quest to map the contours of human interactions.
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2021.10.28 12:06 swiftsausages72 Just threw one of my best matches by falling off the map because I'm stupid. Super pissed I actually want to uninstall the game.

5 kills, 1000+ damage, Red Evo and 1 squad left as Mirage. All ruined because I side stepped off the map on Olympus. After killing a squad on the vehicle tracks right beside Estates.
I'm extremely pissed off. I haven't won a match in weeks. Why does this happen to me only!!!
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2021.10.28 12:06 DakrOne7 .

I have the same car design I used last time and now (after 3 days) I can't open the f2 menu
(I tried reinstalling it)
help pls
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2021.10.28 12:06 iceyyy__ 3080ti build

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2021.10.28 12:06 Pamelva896 24% off Redington Fly Fishing Rod 590-4 Classic Trout Rod W/Tube 4pc 5WT 9-Foot on Amazon today

24% off Redington Fly Fishing Rod 590-4 Classic Trout Rod W/Tube 4pc 5WT 9-Foot on Amazon today.
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2021.10.28 12:06 plemgruber Parliament of Knives still says it's not out yet?

I bought the game as soon as it came out since I was excited for it, but when I open it on steam it says this. It's obviously past Oct 27 so... what?
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2021.10.28 12:06 pchiggs [US-CA] [H] Iron180 WKL E-White Kit & GMK Frost Witch Base [W] Paypal

Timestamp Iron180: https://imgur.com/a/hKILQZG
Timestamp Frost Witch: https://imgur.com/a/R4ie5Xq
New Iron180 E-White WKL Kit
Comes with 1 pcb, Brass 7u plate, gaskets, f13 iron keycap
All original packaging and carrying case.
Price: $1250 Shipped with insurance & signature confirmation CONUS ONLY
or $1200 local meet up in LA Socal 626 area.
Not first come first serve (Local priority)
Status: Available
Sealed GMK Frost Witch Base
Price: $390 Shipped CONUS ONLY
or $380 local meet up in LA Socal 626 area.
Not first come first serve (Local priority)
Status: Available
Please comment PM then send direct message. not chat
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2021.10.28 12:06 Squirrels-on-LSD Balancing group magickal practice with solitary study---a memoir

Though many people who seek out these online spaces are and prefer to remain solitary in their magickal practice and study, many of us in the elder community do hope the current surge in pop culture interest (like those in the 90s, 70s, and 40s) will bring fresh new people, ideas, and practices into the real world magickal community. Because, in general we witches value family planning and allowing our children to choose their own paths in life rather than blindly follow our own, our communities, covens, and gatherings cannot rely on us creating our own continuing legacy with the younger generation. We rely on young seekers to find us and step up.
So consider that you, a former solitary practitioner, have decided to seek out a group in the meatspace of reality. You did your research, went to gatherings, met the locals, found your people. Depending on your location and level of extroversion, this may have been easy or very difficult. But you have found the grove/coven/gathering/circle/etc. that you will choose to study with and work with. Congratulations!
Every year, for the last few decades, I have watched young seekers come into and move away from the spaces in which i practice. Overall, few stay past a year and a day, fewer still will I see in the decade to come. This is partially due to the mobile nature of modern society, or the fact tha most seekers are in their late teens and early 20s and haven't found their spirituality fully yet. Some are lost to the inevitable interpersonal drama of the disorganized conglomeration of religions and diy spiritualities that we are.
Most, however, are simply overwhelmed.
Magick is real and group practice is intense. Any breakthroughs made in solitary practice have not prepared most seekers for the intensity of group magickal dynamic and manifestation. It can be addictive. It can make reality seem too wobbly, test a person's sanity in ways that they were unprepared for. Emotionally intense. Life changes may manifest at an excelerated rate, which the seeker may not be as ready for as they thought.
Additionally, it may supercede and overwhelm a seeker's private practice, leading to stagnation in personal growth and a feeling of loss of personal direction.
So how does a new seeker balance personal practice and group practice, while committing fully to both?

  1. Adjust your personal practice to accommodate your group practice. Have the understanding that group practice could be temporary. Group dynamics change. You will change. But your personal practice will always be there. You can divorce yourself from a group. Its much more difficult to divorce yourself from you. Group rules cannot adjust themselves to your preferences but you can adjust yourself to expectations. So, don't work with gods in conflict with your group's god/s. Don't practice "forbidden" spells (commonly love spells but every group may or may not have its rules) in your off time. I had a few cycles with a school that required dietary changes so i observed them even between "cycles". Every group has its reasons for its ways. If you don't like them, leave the group, don't "cheat" but stay. You're missing out at the very least, at the most you're fucking around with people and forces much stronger than you are and might find out.
  2. If the group turns toxic, LEAVE. No oath you take to a group is stronger than your responsibility to your safety. Even blood oaths. The more dangerous the group, the bigger they will try to scare you into thinking you can't leave. If they try to make you think you can't leave, they aren't a coven, they're a cult.
  3. Work on the timeline given. You may think you're learning fast, you may think you're advanced, you may think you deserve a higher rank (or level or cycle or whatever terminology they use) AND you MAY be. But time is a worthy teacher and Impatience is a sword you will trip over and cut yourself on.
  4. Do not engage in petty squabbles or ego games. This is the downfall of most groups.
  5. Big gatherings are crazy worlds. Everyone seems to know eachother. It can feel clique like and scary to the new person. Most are less exclusive than they seem. Let it be known you are new and find the friendliest camps. Every gathering has a few extroverted social butterflies who love finding the newbies and getting them to the people they'll "vibe" with best. Find that extrovert (usually in the kitchen, the fire crew, or the party camp), and let them take you on a magickal journey to find your new best friends. Those individuals LIVE for that shit.
  6. DO NOT STOP YOUR SOLITARY WORK. I know tip #1 says to "adjust" your work. Do so but never quit. You're on your own path and your group work is only part of that path. Never quit. Make time for you. If your group tells you to quit personal and solitary work, see tip #2
  7. Listen to the elders. Even if they're jerks. Even if you don't agree. They've probably seen some shit. Eventually they'll die and so will their more problematic bullshit. You can learn a lot by letting them ramble around a campfire.
  8. If you need to take "reality checks" because shit gets weird, always talk to 1 person in your group and 1 mundane person in your life. Their perspectives will be different but useful. Only talking to people in the group or only people out of it can make your reality seem even more unstable. You need both magickal and mundane perspectives to function as a magickal person in a mundane world.
If you have ANY questions, please leave a comment. I'm a middle aged practitioner raised in the pagan community and there's probably a chance whatever you're curious about, I have been there and done that and would love to tell the tale.
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2021.10.28 12:06 ilwsfmbro [NY] Is this standard policy?

I am salaried, do not get OT, but was docked for unpaid time off (few hours). I work in New York. HR said salaried employees get a fixed salary (regardless hours actually worked), but PTO is restricted to 3 wks, so time off in excess of that is unpaid, and unpaid time is deducted from salary at prorated amount. I still had/have unused PTO time. Is this standard policy?
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2021.10.28 12:06 kampalli_bala_reddy What I'm concerned about

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