Fandoms as you get older

2021.09.26 17:37 OliviaGG Fandoms as you get older

This maybe a weird topic, but do y'all feel like the older you get, the different your interaction with fandoms change? I like kpop but feel like as I've gotten older I've stopped obsessing over it but never completely stop liking them. Anyone relate? Is that growing up? Lol
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2021.09.26 17:37 djace2011 11700k OC Tips to reach magic 5.0ghz

11700k OC Tips to reach magic 5.0ghz Hi all, just had a play around with the Asus AI autoclocking feature on my Z590-P Mobo.
These are the results, running xmp 2 with the AI OC set to extreme.
Specs: i7-11700k
Z590p Asus
750w gold (both eps connectors plugged in)
G skill ripjaws v 3600mhz 4x8gb

The method I used to test is the inbuilt testing in CPUID application.
Was running at 200w, 4.8ghz all core load, stable 66-69 Celsius, most I've seen it peak to is 4.92 on a single core load.
What can I do to get it to hit the magic 5.0?

Thanks in advance :)
- From a first time PC builder.
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2021.09.26 17:37 Bad_baby_bunny [F4M] Claim me..

Hey, I am 18+ and all participants should be 18+
Here are some of the prompts: 1.) The brat of the family gets bolder and disrespectful. 2.) Gets punish for bringing friends over. 3.) Failing a subject in school needs strict tutor. 4.) Dad/Brother's friends plays with the daughtesister 5.) Finding out that I have a onlyfans account.
Hi Everyone, My name is Lucy, I love to have an rp based on getting fucked infront of someone (it could be anybody, my dad, brothers, teacher, police.) You decide, I write in semi-literate to literate, I do smut but I would like to have an rp with a story, drama something like that so it's more fun. I am also a switch although I play sub most of the time because the people I rp with usually do smut rps only. I also can play multiple characters.
(If you want to add more prompts please message me!)
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2021.09.26 17:37 ptt1404gmail Planning to swap GE76 screen

I really like levono 5 17" screen but dislike its whole chassis. I love my ge76 but the screen is bad. I google the manafacture screen it cost 165$, it use 40 pins but still I wonder is it safe to do so?
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2021.09.26 17:37 sealllll North Dakota chan, the peace garden state [OC]

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2021.09.26 17:37 ThreeEyedTownie Fallout 2d20 Learn to Play Series: Fatigue, Hunger & Thirst

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2021.09.26 17:37 toonerytoon Tree service in Lynchburg? Looking for tree/flower service in the area.

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2021.09.26 17:37 ktgauker My friend’s ball python says hi!!!

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2021.09.26 17:37 ofekshoval Saw this post about marvel characters,Jack confirmed as gambit?!

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2021.09.26 17:37 Trashy-Daddy Color Challenge Help

Summoners, I think I screwed up. After I finished the initial mono deck color challenges, I started playing regular standard ranked games and created my own deck(s). Also, to clear up space I deleted those starter decks that they provided for each color. After playing for a few days, I saw that you could continue the Color Challenges to gain multi-colored decks and unlock some wildcards. But as I go into the Color Challenge to play them, when I go to select my deck, it looks as though it's allowing me to use my created deck and gives me a message that it'll be set for the duration, but as soon as I confirm it it just goes to the screen asking me to select a deck. For reference, I'm selecting an all-white Standard deck for the white challenge. I'm not sure, but it seems like maybe I can't advance without using the starter decks they provide. Can anyone clarify if this is the case? I re-started the tutorial to see if it would reset the Color Challenge from the beginning but it just let me play through to Bolas. Help!
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2021.09.26 17:37 funkaria Rinse and repeat the next day

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2021.09.26 17:37 aleczeegreat Does Whoop allow some sort of family sharing? My grandma is pretty active, but I want to make sure she’s recovering enough. Can her data be connected to her phone and my phone at the same time?

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2021.09.26 17:37 dbna85 Where to buy Sunday NY Times in Jersey City?

Where is your favorite place to find the NY Times in JC? I need to find a copy bc a friend of mine has an article in this week’s edition and would love to get it from a small shop / not have to go to a Barnes and Noble or something. Where’s your fav place to pick up the Times?
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2021.09.26 17:37 CBHector Fun fact: Recep İvedik 6’da recep ivedik olimpiyatlarda yarışırken numarası 3169 dur.

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2021.09.26 17:37 i_follow_asexuals-_- hnf

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2021.09.26 17:37 CosmicStarDusts [23/M] New Jersey/Online - Nerdy dude looking for fellow gamers/MCU enthusiasts

What's your favorite marvel movie? Mine is Guardians of the Galaxy, the soundtrack is amazing and I love space themes :)
Hey there, I currently can't sleep ☠️ I'm looking for people with similar interests and I'm also open to possibly dating if we are both interested in it! Platonic friendships are 100% okay though!
Dating Wise: Nothing long distance please! (I'd say NJ/NY and maybe PA only).
I've always wanted to try a bowling, mini golf, or arcade date! I love the movies so that works great too and any other ideas are also welcome :) I would LOVE a marvel movie partner! I'm just looking for someone who has similar interests (hopefully gaming, anime, marvel/dc etc.), who loves to vibe together (music night drives 😩), and isn't afraid to ugly laugh together at bad jokes and whatnot :P
I am 5'4 and hispanic, I would like to exchange selfies if you're comfortable and in the event we're not each other's type that is perfectly fine!
About Me
• I'm a nerdy gamer dude (I have a switch and a Ps5 and very recently just got a gaming laptop) with interests in reading, bowling, hiking, movie theaters, museums, anime, Marvel/DC, etc.
•Here's list of games I've played: kingdom hearts, the batman arkham games, god of war, hollow knight, warframe, dragon quest 11, rust, persona 5, gravity rush, resident evil, evil within, borderlands, dark souls, bloodborne, sekiro, nioh, hitman, etc.
• Some of my favorite animes have been One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, JJK, Fire Force, Steins;Gate, To Your Eternity, etc.
• I started school pursuing another degree, this time in Computer Science (I would love to speak to any programmers or other computer science related people!
Some of my favorite artists: Tame Impala, Thundercat, Blood Orange, Steve Lacy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny, Tyler The Creator, Isaiah Rashad, Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, Fleetwood Mac, Whitney Houston, etc.
I bounce around genres depending on how I feel :) I can go from bumping some trap music to chilling out with something more sombegroovy. I really like 70's-90's music and older too! Night drives are a huge vibe 🌙
Tell me your favorite ice cream flavor and a little about you so I know you read this far and have a great day/night!
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2021.09.26 17:37 _gadgetFreak Being part of playing 11 is overrated

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2021.09.26 17:37 DemocraticSpider What is this? It’s a bivalve that I found in lake eerie with pretty much no matrix.

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2021.09.26 17:37 cheesyballsacks AFCD

Really hope you lot go out of business and end up a bigger tin pot outfit in the ass end leagues
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2021.09.26 17:37 thom_thom_club Amp Options for Klipsch Heresy 1

Hey everyone, I recently came into a pair of Klipsch Heresy 1.
Currently running them through my Xone 43 (using it as a pre amp) and a $60 fosi audio amp from Amazon (works surprisingly Ok). Plan is to eventually upgrade my mixer / pre amp.
For now, want to start with a proper amp.
Budget wise anywhere from $500-1000 for the right gear is totally in play - but open to more budget friendly options as well.
Open to new and used.
Thanks for any and all suggestions
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2021.09.26 17:37 Avishek_10 Is this good quality?

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2021.09.26 17:37 a_m-g3 Need a Big for 3s 65% wp atleast! Ps4 Add: ShayneGoated

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2021.09.26 17:37 Jurassican_25 Lion fish strat

Find somewhere to hide, wait for people to hide with you, and poison blast 'em
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2021.09.26 17:37 AsianComrade The girls visit different places: Day 221

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2021.09.26 17:37 AggressivePeak my version of the crying heart 🖤 my IG is @stickandchoke , thanks heaps for looking 🦋

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