Own a clinic or take a salary?

2021.09.26 18:16 ImpossiblePT Own a clinic or take a salary?

Hello fellow therapists. I’m really stuck on this decision. Right now I’m in HH making decent money around 95-98k/yr + benefits and have a good work life balance and this is in the south where COL isn’t too bad.
I got the offer to become part owner in a successful PT business out in CA which also comes with a salary and profit sharing (>100k salary by itself not yet specifically determined).
I know I will be working by butt off owning a clinic but the opportunity to become a full owner of a PT practice without going in additional debt and having the opportunity to learn how to run a successful business seems hard to pass up. I feel trapped at my current job in terms of advancement it might take years to reach upper management only to make 10-20k more. What am I looking at in terms of ceiling for PT clinic ownership. Is there one? And if there are any clinic owners here do you regret the sacrifices you’ve made to get where you are?
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2021.09.26 18:16 regian24 Happy Fingers

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2021.09.26 18:16 girliepop666 Chronic BV and difficulty treating because of MCAS

33F, 150lbs, non smoker, with Mcas.
So since I got sick with covid in late April, I’ve had ongoing BV. I’ve been unable to cure it with clindamycin cream. It worked the first few times but slowly began getting less and less effective. I tried metrogel but had a horrific systemic reaction to it. And we already knew that I am allergic to flagyl but thought the suppository route might be better.
Because I have MCAS, I have horrible reactions to a lot of things. I just started on oral clindamycin and I’m having a hard time because I’m extremely itchy and hot. No visible rash yet probably because I take tons of antihistamines as it is, but I’m scared it’ll get worse. I took 3 yesterday as my first day and I’m scared to take more today.
My question is: can other antibiotics treat BV when someone is allergic to both flagyl and clindamycin? I’m pretty sure I’m safe with amoxicillin and doxycycline. Would either of those be effective?
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2021.09.26 18:16 lMsf101l CRT Royale S-Video vs Kurozumi

So I've been fumbling with CRT shaders recently again and I'm constantly in this middleground between two presets. I've used CRT Royale Composite for a while but now I wanted to see how other presets fare. S-Video looks quite similar but isn't as intense, instead giving you that proper CRT blur while the image is a bit clearer.
But on the other side of things, Kurozumi is supposed to sort of resemble a PVM monitor (obvs it won't be the same but it gets pretty close), and it looks RAZOR sharp. But now I can't decide which one I want to pick!
For some things like the dithering pattern you see on some saturn games I think the effect translates better on S-Video, while in general Kurozumi gives you a crystal clear picture and still does smooth out some otherwise pixelated sprites and textures and what not (Super Mario RPG is an excellent example with how transformative the shaders are for the sprites and backgrounds). So which one do you guys think looks better?
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2021.09.26 18:16 Da-memer3454 A bloodline filled with tragedys

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2021.09.26 18:16 Matt_Louis I have 820 shinos at Present. How many do I need to be on the safe side when Anniversary drops

I am Chonin 4 right now. Hope to reach Chonin 1 to get 180 shinobites per week
I can probably get around 2K shinobites more I guess
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2021.09.26 18:16 AlohaWorld18 A propos of the haters: "It is cyber stalking a federal crime?" Also me thinks civil lawsuits against murky meg are cometh

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2021.09.26 18:16 itaani2007 i made a song about when i first came out and my friends told me it was obvious lmaoo

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2021.09.26 18:16 HarryRichard2069 Bri

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2021.09.26 18:16 Impossible-Sink9356 Am i missing something because i still haven’t found out what yeong gi said to Alyssa at the hospital? Has it been revealed or is it so obvious but im too silly to understand ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )

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2021.09.26 18:16 mnagster2 Interview with the goth rock band The Temple of Mercy ( The Sisters of Mercy Tribute )

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2021.09.26 18:16 stendaa the pain

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2021.09.26 18:16 Mind-over-matter-69 trying to make a custom advancement that displays an item with custom data i need help with nbt

would this be a correct way to display the custom item

 "item": "minecraft:carved_pumpkin", "nbt": "{CustomModelData:123456}" 
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2021.09.26 18:16 SnooStrawberries2444 This is an awesome fun build tbh

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2021.09.26 18:16 just_one_boy A movie is honestly better than another season

With a movie they can easily bring back the main cast without having them commit for months upon months of filming.
It'd be easier to bring back Tyler Hoechlin since he is already committed to another show and since Dylan Obrien is mainly a movie star now that shouldn't be a problem for him to come back.
Plus since it's a movie they might possibly have a bigger budget.
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2021.09.26 18:16 Additional_Rub_2751 a playlist of my fav deftones songs, enjoy + gimme recommendations <3

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2021.09.26 18:16 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Lazio 1-0 Roma - MILINKOVIC-SAVIC Goal (Full Replay)

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2021.09.26 18:16 bsammilee My Blooming Silver Band ❤

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2021.09.26 18:16 Atdelici First hat drop in 50 hours :D

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2021.09.26 18:16 Radozyte [H] Talon Doppler p3 0.007 float, Polygon Gloves 0.18 float [W] Fair offers, Blue knives, Classic Knife Fade (98%min)

b/o M9 Doppler P4 with good blue TL
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2021.09.26 18:16 ForkPowerOutlet What's surprisingly good when you ignore its fanbase?

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2021.09.26 18:16 Pterygio Insomnia: Volume 2, Chapter 1

Weiss Schnee has been called many things—prissy, arrogant, freak. But vigilante? She couldn't quite get her head around that one. After her already unusual semblance develops a new ability, she stumbles onto a dangerous conspiracy and gains an unlikely friend. Together, they might just be able to save their city from the criminals who'd see it conquered.
Insomnia is a story set in a modern, alternate world where semblances still exist, though only a rare percentage of the population have them. It's primarily a mystery but with minor elements of vigilantism/superheros sprinkled in. I put a lot of focus into developing the characters and their relationships to give the story a more grounded, realistic feel. This is a story about normal people in a modern setting slowly rising up to be able to face the challenges stacked against them.
Whiterose is a slowburning element of the story, but note that it is not the primary focus and does not overpower the rest of the story in any way. If you're not a fan of that ship or just romance in general, you can easily look past it and continue reading for everything else.
For those just now discovering the story, here is Volume 1, Chapter 1: FF.net - Ao3
The latest chapter is Volume 2, Chapter 1 and is up now: FF.net - Ao3
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2021.09.26 18:16 nedryerson48 Is Derrick Henry Expected To Continue Getting Reception Targets?

First two games his pass catching has been impressive, is this going to continue moving forward, you guys think?
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2021.09.26 18:16 GraseTheGyro I am new can I get some help just adding me will be amazing to

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2021.09.26 18:16 CinnabonMan Rank 20 Power 9 Poco, I just felt proud

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