Would it be a bad idea to start working full time and switch my degree to a part time online CS degree?

2021.09.26 16:49 Herokid11 Would it be a bad idea to start working full time and switch my degree to a part time online CS degree?

I’ve been thinking a lot about stopping school, I’m about 3.5 years into my degree (currently have 4 semesters left, because I was a transfer it’s gonna take me about 5.5 years to graduate here) and I honestly don’t feel like I’ve learned anything that I couldn’t have learned off of YouTube/Books. I’ve already completed all the math and hard science requirements of my degree on top of a good chunk of the CS/Programming courses. I feel like it’s really done nothing, but 1. Stop me from working full time and 2. Putting me further into debt
I’ve had several internships at this point (nothing FAANG, but still decent ones), and I’m pretty confident I could find a decent software job in the Orlando area.
If I followed through with this my plan would be to find a Software job which I think is doable if I grind some stuff for a month or 2 that I neglected and switch to a online CS degree part time (FSU/UF online, or maybe Penn State online software degree).
On top of the burnout from all this, I’ve been going into debt at about a rate of 4k a semester trying to balance school, bills, and being married.
Anyways wanted to get some advice from this sub.
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2021.09.26 16:49 Hatchling_DM OVERISLES sign language RPG

From today, we’re gathering emails for the OVERISLES Kickstarter. Our groundbreaking all-ages tabletop RPG teaches sign language as you play! (ASL and BSL included).
• Create teen characters with extraordinary powers! • Explore a Celtic Arthurian setting! • Soar through the clouds astride giant birds! • Work together to heal a foul corruption!
Sign up to be notified of our launch date and ensure those early backer deals and limited rewards.
kickstarter #ttrpg #rpg #dnd #tabletop #gaming #deaf #signlanguage #critters #indie https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/6822f646-fc1b-42fd-96b2-6c8ff15978d7/landing
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2021.09.26 16:49 creativeaftercoffee Sunset Tree

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2021.09.26 16:49 FirstTacoInSpace Hometown Losses?

I've only been watching for about 2-3 months, but I've noticed that no one seems to lose in their hometown (Britt in Pittsburgh, Punk in Chicago, Santana Ortiz in NYC). Is this a thing? Interesting to see MJF (Long Island) win in NYC when the show is headed to Long Island in a few months. Haven't followed wrestling since the Corporate Ministry was as thing, but watching AEW the past few months has been a ton of fun. It would be awesome to see MJF lose on Long Island.
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2021.09.26 16:49 ASICmachine Cryptocurrency Movers and Shakers – September 26th, 2021 (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.09.26 16:49 Sznapak This sub often acts like dads watching football games

And u can't change my mind. Yall say he could've done this, he could've done that but u would just it the barrier
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2021.09.26 16:49 Mobile_Resist3361 How to make weed butter from 1G?

Hey y’all. So I really don’t like the high from smoking anymore, my tolerance is pretty much gone from a long break and I just don’t think that route is me anymore, I don’t like how instant the effects are. I ate an edible Friday night and it was awesome, slowly came on and was blasted into outer space by the end of it. Whereas last night I took a single hit and felt anxious and just plain weird lmao. Anyway, I have one gram of weed (which I know isn’t a lot whatsoever), and I wanna make a tiny bit of butter to make in a single brownie or something. I’ve never made edibles so I have no idea how to, looking for a recipe/tips. There’s gotta be someway I can make an edible from this, I don’t really think I’m interested in firecrackers either, not sure. Thanks guys
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2021.09.26 16:49 Diligent-Assist-1956 Plz tell

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2021.09.26 16:49 adamwho Episode 592: A Horse Is a Horse

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2021.09.26 16:49 DragoonMaster638 Hey kids

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2021.09.26 16:49 JezzTheHunter My friend no longer seems to care about our friendship

One of my close friends has been avoiding hanging out with me and I don't know why. earlier this week I tried to organise a walk with him and he said he was busy that day. I asked him when he was free next and he said he didn't know because he had to do some stuff. After being really vauge for a bit, he said he had to do studying which is why he didn't know when he'd be free next. The exams start in November. Like how fucking pathetic is that reason for not being able to pick a day, set some time aside and go on a walk?? I also know he's been hanging out quite a lot with a different friend which makes me fucking depressed because he makes time to do stuff with other people, but can't be bothered to even try make any plans with me. I don't know if I should ask him if he's got a problem with me or if I should let him know the impact his lack of care has on me or if I should just do nothing and pretend we're all good and that I believe his bullshit excuses
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2021.09.26 16:49 JavaJunkie999 Best time to weigh yourself in the day? I did early this morning on the upstairs scale then when I went downstairs I weighed on that scale and was up a pound and a half. I drank 2 bottles of water before I weighed downstairs. Would water cause weight to go up?

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2021.09.26 16:49 headcourters bringing my babies in for the fall (ft. a judgmental baby)

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2021.09.26 16:49 SnowTheta Behemoth - Evangelion

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2021.09.26 16:49 TheArmChairTheorist Trump and Hyperreality: Circuits of Fantasy

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2021.09.26 16:49 Demolecularizing Help identifying this dead hardwood tree stump? Eastern Ohio, US

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2021.09.26 16:49 Anti-gen Low settings and rendering

Has anybody noticed that playing on lowest is very benefitial (even not taking fps into account) because rendering occurs much closer to you? If I am running into places with some buildings sometimes I can see the players inside the building just before it renders.
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2021.09.26 16:49 No-Replacement-3501 Component Torque specs?

Are torque specs universal for bikes, or are they brand, model, year specefic? I suspect the answer is its the former just like cars. Where do you find your bikes or component torque specs?
Cars are easy Chilton or haynes manual..get wrenching.
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2021.09.26 16:49 8000th Who’s teeth does she have?

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2021.09.26 16:49 prawnbiryani People of Reddit, what are some of the most unique pet peeve(s) you have heard of?

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2021.09.26 16:49 Trizzy75 *PS5 Only* Next gen league

DM me for Link to Discord we are trying to fill up today and start tonight !
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2021.09.26 16:49 fjafjafja Pleasant Bay, Ns

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2021.09.26 16:49 CasperWisp Shard of the Traveller question?

Hi everyone first time poster here.
I was rewatching some old Cutscenes from D1 and D2, I came across the scene where the guardian gets his light back from the Shard of the Traveller in D2
I noticed that within/on the shard are blue crystalline structures that remind me of Stasis.
We see in the Uldren Sov cutscene that the travellers shards inside are white.
Was this an early nod to the darkness using stasis or is this already explained in lore?
Guardian recieving light
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2021.09.26 16:49 SSTralala Dreaming about apple pies this weekend, do you do anything special to yours? I know cheese is popular with some people. I enjoy mine a little less sweet.

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2021.09.26 16:49 Soodan1m I’m about halfway though my villagers, drawing them in their Halloween costumes. Here’s Nan cosplaying as Pippi Longstocking 🤗

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