2021.09.26 18:09 StripedCat404 PostOp/Alcoholism/Anyone?

I have cross posted in another sub as well.
First time poster here. I'm making the leap, or trying to, quit drinking. This has some very personal information, so I'd appreciate a positive response. There is also some slightly graphic details regarding my body's 'plumbing', so don't read it if that shit grosses you out. No sharing, please.
So, a little backstory.
My mother was an opiate abusing alcoholic. BioF wasn't in the picture at all (drug deal gone bad after I was born) and is assumed dead. I believe he was an alcoholic as well. StepD was also an alcoholic. My entire family are alcoholics, actually, and my family is massive.
Thankfully we don't live near them. I digress. I'm a 38yold military wife, 2 DD (15 &11), and a great DH who also struggles with alcohol abuse.
I never really drank until I had a partial hysterectomy at age 29. A BOTCHED surgery in a military hospital. Two more surgeries followed within a year (one was a sigmoidectomy) and left my pelvic floor in tatters. PT, pressure points, the works. Ya'll, the surgeon shortened my lady bits. I had to buy a 'tool' to gradually dilate my 'cuff' in order to have sex again. Even then, the first time DH and I tried, it ruptured. Cue an ambulance ride, doctors accusing me of drug seeking because they couldn't find the rupture, and then another surgery with 0 apologies once the third Doctor finally located the rupture. The massive amounts of antibiotics from said hospital stay turned me against gluten, although I didn't know it at the time.
Needless to say, I have bathroom issues. In an ironic twist of fate during my DHs deployment, my girlfriend brought over a bottle of tequila. I was pretty low at that point, and my girls were asleep, so I was down. Four or five drinks later my body relaxed and I was able to 'use the restroom' without feeling like I was trying to give birth. This was a first despite Miralax, probiotics, stool softeners, etc. (I always hated that crap and fiber always made everything worse.) Tequila was like a miracle and I was hooked.
My DH always drank so when he came home he just switched to tequila as it solved my issue and I could function without the constant pain and bloating. By this point I'd figured out I couldn't eat gluten and stuck to a high protein/veggie diet. I also became allergic to garlic and onion- wtf, right?
I was very high functioning with alcohol. Everything was always taken care of. I made DHs breakfast, packed his lunch, sent him off to work, grocery store/errands, laundry, cleaning, got the kids ready, lunch, dinner, etc. And since my kids are home schooled, I was able to day drink once I didn't need to drive (by mid morning). I'd stop at dinner, eat, and hydrate before bed. My DH would drink after he came home and eventually eat right before turning in.
Things were okay, though... until they weren't.
In May I had my annual checkup. High BP, hypertensive, fatty liver, etc. Triglycerides are through the roof. My doctor doesn't know I drink. She actually said she was stumped. I have the blood work of a 350lb 50 year old despite being 5' 7" and 132lbs. I didn't enlighten her so she prescribed BP meds- which I did not take as I wouldn't be able to drink or use the bathroom again.
I quit drinking for 10 days in June. By that point I was up to 9 shots a day. DH was out of town and the kids were on summer break. It was okay despite the withdrawals. (Crippling headaches, insomnia, night sweats, extreme bitchyness, constant anxiety... The anxiety kept my restroom issues in check until day 9.) Then he came home. I thought I was fine with a drink or two, but I never stopped. Neither did he although I asked him to.
Now, I'm not blaming DH or anything. I could have pressed the issue or had him drink beer, but he has a certain physique to maintain due to his service. Plus, I was miserable. At that point we were spending about $100/week, or $400+/month on tequila.
Two weeks ago I went to the dentist. They took my BP prior to a routine cleaning (I guess that's a thing now?) 140/90. Ten minutes later they tried again. 151/99. Needless to say they sent me packing. It was quite the wakeup call.
So, here I am. This is day four. Still functioning relatively normally. I've switched to a single can of Cutwater vs my go to tequila. My DH has switched to beer (2/day). We're on the same page.
But, my restroom issues are back with a vengeance. I didn't sleep last night, and I woke up with a massive migraine. All of these things happened in June, but much more quickly. I don't have anxiety yet. I'm unsure if doing 1 drink per day is drawing the process out (likely) or keeping me semi unbitchy.
Thanks for listening.
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2021.09.26 18:09 philbro550 Capitalism Causes Racism

How may you ask? Well, Why did people use slaves? For money of course. Racism is because of slavery so according to the law of detachment Capitalism causes Slavery, And slavery causes Racism, So Capitalism causes Racism
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2021.09.26 18:09 cscott024 “Holding artes” when casting them from the menu?

I’ve just recently finished the first lord, and I’m noticing that both Shionne and this other new party member have mechanics where you have to hold the arte button.
But there’s also only 3 arte buttons available right now, as far as I can tell… is there a way to “hold” artes even if you’re casting them from the menu (because you don’t have them assigned to a shortcut)?
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2021.09.26 18:09 unhappybutterfly_ 11 pounds in 2 days?

So I went out of town for my birthday, and yes, I went off keto. I know people on here say if you’re have cheat days, you shouldn’t be doing keto. So no judgment please. But I was celebrating and also in a place where I couldnt cook. However I only went off for 2 days and went from the scale saying 193 on Thursday, to 204 on Sunday. Is it possible to gain that much weight in two days? Is it water weight? Bloat? What should I do? I’ve been sobbing my eyes out for hours. So much progress gone. I hate myself and I’m so embarrassed.
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Heads up! There's a couple limited edition Lip Juicers at The Body Shop right now (and I think this is the first year they've done these!). There's a pumpkin spice and a hot chocolate one that I just spotted this morning. Snag em while you can!
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2021.09.26 18:09 memphismcfall Any idea what year or set this spidey is from? I couldn’t find its variation anywhere on brickipedia.

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Due their 20 min performance in one game, I most deff think they should be considered if you want 3 prem + TAA in your team :)
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2021.09.26 18:09 vazura Possible bug? When tabbed out of borderless mode, click on the game with the windows volume mixer open causes you to get shot multiple times

I have no idea how this happened, I have no guns, my character was shot 4 times because of it.
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